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What role does claims have in your proposal process?

In the vast majority of new business accounts (especially in personal lines and small commercial), it would not be the norm to include claims in the proposal discussions. However, since claims is where “the rubber hits the road”, it might … Continue reading

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Agency claims handling is generating E&O claims – What’s up with that?

When agencies typically think about their errors-and-omissions exposure, they tend to focus on their producers and CSRs. Yet there are other areas within an agency operation with the potential to generate E&O claims from time to time. One of those … Continue reading

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Is everyone in your agency handling claims the same way?

As I have reported numerous times over the past number of years, the handling of claims is and continues to be a major issue and cause of E&O claims. Some E&O carriers are reporting that upwards of 1 in every … Continue reading

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The manner in which you handle claims can cause E&O claims

Ask any E&O carrier for those areas that generate E&O claims activity and you may be surprised to hear that the manner in which your agency handles claims is a major cause. For many E&O carriers, this issue is currently generating 10-20% … Continue reading

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When are your putting the umbrella carrier on notice?

Let’s take the following scenario: You have an insured that has their auto, homeowners and umbrella with your agency and all of these coverages are with the same carrier. The insured is involved in an auto accident where there are … Continue reading

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E&O Insights: Can the Manner in Which an Agent Handles a Claim Cause an Errors & Omissions Claim?

This is an excerpt from an Insurance Journal article that I authored in the October 17, 2011 edition. “The answer to the question posed in the headline is a definite “yes.” This has actually developed into a significant issue for … Continue reading

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Handling Claims in your insurance agency ? Survey states that communication is the key

As you can imagine, the manner in which you handle customer’s claims in your agency is extremely important. This is a key time to demonstrate your professionalism and expertise. Obviously the goal is customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, there are times where the customer is … Continue reading

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