Wisconsin Court: Bulldog Attack Not Covered by Insurance Policy

As I have referenced numerous times over the last 8 years or so, dog bites are generating a significant number of liability claims and based on policy language and potentially other issues (such as underwriting guidelines), some of those liability claims may not be covered by the homeowners’ policy. As you will note in the attached article that appeared on insurancejournal.com on May 17th, the court upheld the language in the policy pertaining to dog bites.

“A Wisconsin appellate court says an insurance company doesn’t have to cover a bulldog attack that left a woman hospitalized.”

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Could this issue have been avoided? It is tough to say without knowing some further details. However, if the policy did, in fact, stipulate that only ONE dog attack would be covered, possibly reinforcing to the client the need and benefit of reading their policy would have helped. A letter that accompanies the policy to the client advising them to read the policy and to advise if there are any questions might have resulted in a different outcome in this matter.

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