Celebrate !

When the subject of auditing comes up, some people frown and are probably thinking “why don’t they trust us?”. Auditing is actually a very healthy initiative towards achieving a greater level of E&O compliance. In addition, the staff that are “doing their job very well” probably won’t mind the process of auditing since it will verify their positive work.

There is however, an important piece of auditing that many agencies fail to capitalize on. When the audit results are positive (over 90% compliance over the course of at least a quarter), there should be some element of celebration.

For individuals accomplishing this result, at least an acknowledgement by management of the result should occur. Other options include a $5 gift card from businesses such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or a retail store in your area. Another option is to allow the employee to wear jeans on specific days. When the results for the entire department are in the 90% or better area, the celebration should be more substantial. Possibly ordering in lunch for that department or allowing them to all wear jeans, etc. Obviously, the options are unlimited.

Having a celebration brings attention to the great result that the individual or team have accomplished. There is a greater chance of the great results continuing when staff can see that there is an incentive for their great results. Some agency management may contend that “why should I reward them – the staff are expected to do their job” and I understand that perspective. Whether the results will continue with this type of approach is questionable.

A celebration for great results (even though they are expected) is a positive motivator and morale booster. If you are not currently rewarding individual staff or the department for their great audit results, give it a try. You may just find the results surprising.

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