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Federal Court Rules CGL Insurance Covers Data Breach

This excellent article, written by Andrew G. Simpson certainly raises some interesting issues moving forward. It is unknown whether this opinion is or will be shared by other courts and there is also the possibility that CGL carriers / ISO will now look to strengthen … Continue reading

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Have you hired any new employees in the last year?

For most agencies, the answer is probably “yes”. From some of the latest employee statistics, it certainly appears that we are an aging population that has a retirement date somewhere on the near horizon. As the “veterans” retire, their positions … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name? Insurance Coverage?

This excellent article, written by Attorney Steven Pitt, brings into question an issue that has potential E&O implications. This article appeared on on April 4, 2016. “Are insureds required to notify the insurance company of a change in business … Continue reading

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Top Business Risk for 2016…might surprise you!

I was recently reviewing a publication from Allianz Global which provided survey results from over 800 risk managers and global corporate insurance experts on the top Business Risks for 2016. For the 4th year in a row, the top peril … Continue reading

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Matching coverage – why this is not the best approach

Probably more often than not, when new potential customers discuss their insurance program with an agent, they request that the agent essentially “match the coverage that they have”. One of the many fallacies with this approach is the prospect probably … Continue reading

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