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Why is it important to keep “emotion” out of your agency notes / e-mails?

It is probably fair to say that from time to time, conversations between the agency and their customers (whether on the phone or face to face) do not exactly go as planned. There are a whole host of issues that … Continue reading

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E&O Insights: How Management Shapes an Agency’s E&O Culture

This is an excerpt from an Insurance Journal article that I authored in the August 17, 2015 edition. “The phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover” dates back to the mid-1800s. While that may ring true for the literary world, … Continue reading

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Are you learning from uncovered claims?

As much as we would like customers to buy every coverage they should to protect their assets, that scenario is probably never going to happen. Because of this, there is certainly the chance that you may find customers contacting you … Continue reading

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Social Media – can it get you in trouble?

In the attached article by Christopher J. Boggs that appeared on on Aug 4th, this issue is explored with an in-depth review of what coverage could be found under the homeowners policy. Mr. Boggs is vice president for education for … Continue reading

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Recreational Drones: Do Homeowners’ Insurance Policies Provide Coverage?

While there has been a tremendous amount of press written on the subject of drones for commercial use, it is important for agents to understand that drones are also a personal lines exposure. In the attached excellent article written by Tom … Continue reading

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Questions regarding certificates of insurance

As I have cited in the past, certificates of insurance are causing a fair amount of havoc and resulting in E&O claims as certificate holders rely on the contents of an improperly executed certificate form. Some E&O carriers are indicating … Continue reading

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Are you providing loss control services for your clients?

Today, certainly more so than in the past, as agencies look to expand their value added services, they are providing some degree of loss control / risk management services. As one can imagine, this brings with it heightened E&O claim … Continue reading

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E&O Claims – Frequency / Severity

Now that we are in the second half of the year, E&O statistics will have a greater degree of credibility. One area where the results continue to be strong involves E&O claims frequency; in other words, the number of E&O … Continue reading

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