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I’ve just been sued…what can I do with the agency file?

Hopefully, this is not an issue that you will ever have to deal with but in the event that your agency is named in a lawsuit, this is one question that you will need to know the answer to. As … Continue reading

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Can your customers pay you “after hours”?

This seems to be a common question and issue facing insurance agencies. While agencies are looking to be “user-friendly”, it is imperative they realize that there are some potential E&O exposures associated with this issue that need to be managed. … Continue reading

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Are you completing this years app using an “older” app?

Imagine the following scenario: You have had a commercial account for a number of years and due to some premium increases, you are in jeopardy of losing the account so you decide to put the account out to the market. One … Continue reading

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“Let me see the certificate you issued in 2012″

In the event of some type of E&O litigation where the certificate you issued is a key issue, these could very well be the words you hear from either of the two attorneys. Will you be able to honor their request? … Continue reading

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Does social media present some E&O risks?

Recently at a NetVu conference, I “hosted” a session on this subject and was very pleased with the number of attendees and the great participation. It certainly appears that this is an issue on many agents’ minds. Most agents agree that … Continue reading

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How do you differentiate multiple proposals on the same line of business?

The other day, I was having dialogue with the claims manager of one of the leading E&O carriers regarding what trends they are currently experiencing. During the discussion, she mentioned an area that deals with agents providing multiple proposals (more often … Continue reading

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E&O Insights: Put the Power of the Signed Application to Work

This is an excerpt from an Insurance Journal article that I authored in the March 10, 2014 edition. “With few exceptions, an application is a necessary document to secure a proposal or to bind coverage, and can actually possess tremendous power. When … Continue reading

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How many times do I need to offer certain coverages?

Many of the today’s E&O classes will advise agents that they should be advising their customers every year of the availability of coverages such as Flood / Umbrella / Earthquake / Building Ordinance, etc. So what happens if you offer it 4 years … Continue reading

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Are you dealing with your carriers in a totally honest fashion?

Let’s take the following scenario: As a producer / account exec / CSR, you are looking to write a specific account that in the company’s eyes, may not be a “perfect match”. Maybe the account has had a loss or … Continue reading

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