Do some of your insurance agency clients use texting to communicate with your office ?

While texting has been part of our personal lives for a number of years, it appears based on comments from agencies that texting has found its way into corporate America. While some agencies may want to avoid this level of technology in their agency, many customers will look to use the technology most convenient to them when interacting with the agency. Are there some potential problem issues with texting? Definitely but those issues will not go away unless you flat out don’t allow incoming or outgoing texting.

A great starting point is to take the time at your next staff meeting to talk thru the issues involving texting. Do you have a stated position? Do your staff and your clients know what that position is? If your agency is going to allow texting, look to educate your staff and your clients.

One of the most important issues that needs to be resolved is to insure that text messages of a business perspective need to be documented in your agency management system. Phone calls are documented as are e-mails. Why would text messages be any different?

A recommended approach is that upon the receipt of a text message by one of your staff, send the message to your business e-mail address. Then respond to the text message from your business e-mail address. This should then enable the various communication to become part of the agency file. Assuming that you are able to capture the entire text message with your phone, it is okay to have the entire text “conversation” via your phone and then at the end of the discussion, use the process to get that “conversation” into your agency system.

There is no doubt that the various agency management systems will be addressing this issue, if they have not done so already. The key is to realize that text messages need to find their way into your agency management system. Without it, there is the possibility that the agency file could lack some very important discussion.


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