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Excess Insurers Prejudiced When There is No Notice of Underlying Suit

The following is an excerpt from an excellent article by Steven Plitt that appeared in the February 21st issue of Claims Journal. “When an excess insurer is not given notice of a lawsuit with potential excess exposure, the opportunity to … Continue reading

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How did Valentines Day affect your insurance agency customers?

As noted on the attached excellent article provided by the Insurance Information Institute ( that appeared on their website on February 12, 2013, many consumers look for jewelry to express their love. In fact, for the 2013 Valentine’s Day, projections of well over $4 … Continue reading

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As an insurance producer, how confident are you with your answers to your customer’s questions?

For insurance producers, probably rarely does a day go by without a question from one of your clients. You may be in the customer’s home or place of business or possibly you are fielding the inquiry while you are in your … Continue reading

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Will your agency documentation survive a catastrophe?

After a catastrophe, agencies may very well discover first hand how effective their own personal disaster recovery plan was. After all, catastrophes like Super Storm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina don’t just affect your customers; they could affect your agency as well. What would happen if … Continue reading

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Is your insurance agency giving your aggregate limit the proper focus?

In E&O policies, there are typically two sets of limits. The first is the limit for each claim (as defined by the policy) and the second is called “the aggregate”. This represents the total limits available for all claims made … Continue reading

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When was the last time you read your Insurance Agents’ E&O policy?

I hope your answer isn’t “I never have”. As an Insurance agent, there is no doubt that your E&O policy is of critical importance.  While saying that you have E&O is certainly positive, how confident are you that you know … Continue reading

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What is today’s financial rating of each of your carriers?

When was the last time you checked? Over the next couple of months, the majority of the carriers will be submitting their financial data to the various rating organizations. Based on how the rating agency (example AM Best) views those … Continue reading

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Attn: Insurance Producers – are you documenting the customer’s final decision ?

There is no doubt that the proposal can be a key document in the sales process. Not only should it address how the various coverages will perform and what level of service will be provided but it is also a … Continue reading

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