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How long is your insurance agency retaining emails?

In the event of an E&O action against your agency, the attorney assigned by your E&O carrier to defend your agency will request a complete copy of the file, whether that file is paper or electronic. That file will need … Continue reading

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Some E&O issues involving carrier downloads

Ask an agent if automation is a positive issue in their agency and many would certainly respond in the affirmative. There is no doubt that insurance agencies have achieved efficiency and financial gains from the use of automation. Ask those … Continue reading

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Does your agency have a disclaimer on both your voice mail and e-mail?

For some time, agencies have been including on their voice-mail a disclaimer type statement that advises the caller that they cannot look to make policy changes by leaving a voice mail message. Typically the message is something like: “Please be … Continue reading

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Is your Insurance agency taking advantage of the resources of your E&O carrier?

Certainly in the hectic world of running an independent insurance agency, there are no doubt times when you have a question or issue where the perspective of your E&O carrier would be extremely helpful. Maybe it is a question regarding … Continue reading

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Your agency’s E&O commitment is only as strong as your weakest link

When evaluating the strength of your agency’s E&O culture and commitment, you are actually only as good as your weakest link. What exactly do I mean by that? Imagine your agency is a chain. From the outside, it appears that … Continue reading

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Are you offering “Wedding Insurance” to your potential newlyweds?

This is an interesting article that appeared in Insurance Journal about the potential insurance issues (and solutions) regarding weddings. Might want to consider offering this coverage to your potential newlyweds… Continue Reading Are you offering “Wedding Insurance” to your potential … Continue reading

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What would prompt you to move your Agents E&O coverage?

Last week, I saw the results of a survey conducted by Agents of America ( on this exact question. Price (70%) was followed by Coverage (18%) and Financial Strength of the Carrier was 3rd (12%). While the results of the … Continue reading

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Make sure your insurance agency earns an E&O loss prevention credit on your next renewal

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E&O Insights: What to Consider When Buying or Selling an Agency

This is an excerpt from an Insurance Journal article that I authored in the March 19, 2012 edition. “There is a tremendous amount of mergers and acquisitions activity going on in our industry. Every day, insurance news providers report on … Continue reading

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