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Insurance Agency E&O Survey

In an Insurance Journal article authored by Andrea Ortega-Wells in the November 22, 2011 edition, there were a tremendous number of very interesting polling questions pertaining to various aspects of Agents E&O. Throughout this article, the results of the questions are displayed and elaborated … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving to all !

At this time when we reflect on what we are thankful for, I would like to personally thank each and every one of the thousands of insurance agency staff for what they do every day. As someone who was at the … Continue reading

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How well do your agency staff know the underwriting guidelines for each of your carriers?

Based on your agency agreement with your carriers, there is no doubt that each and every day, your insurance agency staff uses that binding authority to write business. This is a very efficient means to transact business. It probably goes without … Continue reading

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Blanket additional insured form – does it afford the coverage unconditionly?

Take the following scenario: Your agency is requested to provide a certificate showing a specific entity as an additional insured. When you pull the file, you note that Blanket Additional Insured coverage is provided. Are you all set? Maybe..maybe not. Most Blanket … Continue reading

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Attn: Insurance Producers – what you say can get you into trouble

Virtually every day, insurance producers are interacting with current customers or prospects to discuss their insurance program. It is extremely important that producers realize that what they say during these discussions has the potential to be an integral part of … Continue reading

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Is your insurance agency getting specimen policies when shopping for your customer’s E&O coverage?

In the past month or so, I have had many agents write and ask me to perform an evaluation of various E&O policy forms. Whether the professional liability account is a real estate agent, architect, lawyer, accountant, etc., the potential … Continue reading

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Does your insurance agency complete professional liability apps for your customers?

If the answer to the question is “yes”, you are taking on a HUGE E&O exposure! In my former life at the carrier side handling professional liability, it is largely presumed that the application for E&O, whether the risk is … Continue reading

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