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Is your insurance agency being asked to provide a non ACORD certificate ?

Certainly from time to time, your agency will be asked to provide a non ACORD certificate form for one of your insureds. In some states, this is a violation of the insurance law as only those certificate forms filed and approved … Continue reading

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Attn: Insurance Agency CSR’s

First, my sincerest thanks and appreciation for what you do each and every day. Having started my career as a CSR (S – Z for personal / commercial / claims), I have sat in your seats and know what a … Continue reading

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“Take the kid off my policies”…what should your insurance agency do?

Recently, a long time agency associate from Pennsylvania contacted me and during our conversation, he advised that one of his customers (a lawyer) contacted his agency and instructed the CSR to take his kid off his policies since the sibling had … Continue reading

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15 Ways to Guarantee an Agency E&O Claim

This is an excerpt from an Insurance Journal article that I authored in the August 15th, 2011 edition. The content in this issue is not real and is not to be taken seriously. It’s supposed to be humorous. Seriously. While … Continue reading

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Where is Agents E&O claim frequency going in 2012?

Although this is a question I am often asked, it is not an easy question to answer as there are a number of issues that could determine the result. While some E&O carriers are still experiencing solid frequency results from their E&O book, … Continue reading

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Does your insurance agency have clients whose kids are off to college?

As a new college year approaches, there is a good chance that the sons and daughters of some of your customers will be heading off to college. This is a very busy and emotional time and probably for this reason, … Continue reading

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Handling Claims in your insurance agency ? Survey states that communication is the key

As you can imagine, the manner in which you handle customer’s claims in your agency is extremely important. This is a key time to demonstrate your professionalism and expertise. Obviously the goal is customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, there are times where the customer is … Continue reading

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“Recommend” – exercise caution when using this word in your insurance agency

Obviously, a goal of your agency is to grow by writing new business, rounding out existing accounts, etc. As you work hard to accomplish this, it is important to realize that as you interact with prospects / current clients in … Continue reading

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Is Automation in your insurance agency your friend or foe ?

In regards to the overall question, the answer is basically – it depends. While most aspects of automation are designed to assist your agency and to enhance your efficiency, the bigger issue from an E&O standpoint deals with whether the … Continue reading

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